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Berkvens opens more doors for you


HPL Colours

Berkvens HPL doors are available in a wide range of colours, structures and designs. Berkvens also collaborates with leading suppliers such as: Formica, Duropal and Polyrey, among others. An overview of the range of colours is listed below.Because colour and design are inextricably linked, our multi-coloured EPICEdge concept can also be produced in virtually any colour. At Berkvens, we believe that every door deserves its own colour. Why should it be any different with the edge finishing? It can be a contrasting or complementary colour to the HPL. Virtually any colour request can be produced.

Colours lacquered doors

Apart from providing a certain look and feel in a house, colour also has other effects on an interior. An industrial interior may require completely different coloursthan a rural or modern interior.

Crystal white

Crystal white goes with virtually any interior trend and consumer request. An accessible white that is also widely used for ceilings, walls and masonry paint. Choosing doors and frames in crystal white allows you to match the rest of the interior perfectly.

Pure white

Another commonly used white is pure white. This is a white that has a slightly more yellow hue. This colour is frequently used in more traditional houses and is also popular in the renovation market.

TCS Paint

The beautiful Berkvens designer doors are finished with TCS paint. This water-based paint used on our doors provides environmental resistance and is friendly to people and the environment. The TCS paint used for lacquer doors is sustainable and top quality. A unique and meticulous painting process ensures brilliant results that cannot be achieved with a primed door that then needs to be painted. Painting a door yourself can never achieve the same finish as these extremely sleek painted doors. And the layer of paint also provides optimum protection against scratches, stains and sunlight. Berkvens designer doors offer you years of enjoyment!

Advantages of TCS paint:

  • Sleek finish
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Less wear
  • Environmentally friendly

Edge finshing

Edge finshingWhen it comes to non-residential construction, it is certainly important to consider which edge finishing is the most appropriate. The different edge finishing products available have properties that impact the durability and maintenance requirements of a door, affecting the extent to which it is suitable for a particular application. Every construction project, every building, and every space requires a specific edge finishing solution. The requirements a door has to meet may involve moving beds or wheelchairs into a space, or hygiene-related aspects. In addition, the choice of edge finishing could also add balance to the overall appearance.

There are a number of different edge finishing variants available:Foilededge finishing, seamless mouldedEPIC Edge-PUedge finishing,EPROC -ABSadhesive edge finishing orwoodlippings.

Glass frames

Combining lippings and glass frames can create harmony or contrast in the door design.Wooden glass framescan be used for a more traditional andnatural look, whereasstainless steel glass framescan create a more modern and sleeker appearance. The narrow and flat 3 mmPU glass framescan be used to achieve an ultra sleek door design.

Go for a playful contrast with an eye-catching colour for the glass frame and screws, or opt for a more harmonious effect and choose the same colour as the door leaf

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